About Us

From the ground up


 When we take on a client, we shadow them to document current processes and procedures.  Gaining a full understanding of the way things currently work allows us to best serve our clients. 

Consulting Services


We often provide general business consulting and guidance.  We support the owners and managers in developing  documented procedures and succession plans.  We are generally their biggest cheerleader.

Many of our clients start off with business consulting and procedure documentation to end up as ongoing clients with newly streamlined processes.  

A part of our family


Our clients are more than just clients.  We refer business to our clients.  We look out for them.  When they succeed we succeed.  When clients come to use they become part of our family.  

Pay it Forward

Race for Rett

Racing for Rett Rett Syndrome

We support Racing for Rett.  As our founder's niece has been diagnosed with Rett Syndrome.  

Made to Serve- "It's a Candy-Coated Christmas"

Made to Serve It's a candy coated christmas

Our founder was recently asked to be a part of Made to Serve's It's a Candy Coated Christmas.  As part of the non-profit “Made To Serve, LLC” family, “It’s a Candy Coated Christmas” identifies children facing difficulties, and provides them with the joyful memories they deserve. 

Cass County Rescue Mission.


We support the Cass County Rescue Mission by preparing and serving meals.  Stephanie along with her family serve those that attend the services, and ensure all are well fed with leftovers to take home. 

Get Involved


With serving clients and our daily lives it is often overlooked to serve others.  We encourage you to take a break and just show up.  Be present and serve others, you will be better for it.